Tank Styles

     I have included not only the size charts but also photos of the shirts on me and my personal review of the different style tanks.
     Based on what styles sold the best in 2021 most ready to ship tanks will be offered on the 1533, 8800, and the 137L as supplier stock allows.
     I am always willing to make designs on other tanks through custom orders, just message my business page or use the contact us page


     Keep in mind, I am 5' 11" and weigh 135 lb. I typically wear larges due to my shoulders and my long waist. I can wear a medium I just don't like the tight feel across my shoulders and prefer them to be longer in length.

Next Level 1533 - This is a new style to me. I could wear a medium in this style. Preload this would was the style I wore all the time and the medium fits good - maybe a little short.
The large is comfortable, but I really like the length of the XL the arm holes are a little big on the XL so I will probably stick with a large in this style. - The 1533 really grew on me over the 2021 summer and I tend to wear my 1533 tanks more than my 8800s! 


Bella 8800 - This is the Flowy Bella - I wear this one most of the time. I normally wear a large but after trying all these on I might go to an XL because I like the length it adds and this summer when I’m outside sweating there’s more room for the breeze to blow through to give more of a cooling effect.
     I even tried the 2x and the only real difference is that it’s looser and the arm holes are larger. Remember these are made with a high poly count and are a stretchy fabric so it has lots of give
     The lighter colors in this style work great for sublimation as well. This style does not bleach well. 

District 138L - I personally am not a fan of the 138L I don’t like the feel across the shoulders in any of the sizes - the arm holes felt too large to go with the XL in this style


District 137L - The rockers I couldn’t even get a medium on so definitely don’t size down. The large fits me best but I never liked how short they are considering I’m long waisted. So I may consider going up to an XL


Bella 8803 - it fits like the cutoff tees we wore back in high school. I tend to roll the arm cuff under my bra strap because I don’t like the wide shoulders. The arm holes on the medium are a good fit. But it’s short for me having a long torso.
     The large is a better length, but the arm holes are a little large. I didn’t have an xl on hand to compare