My Personal Review of the Tultex Long Sleeve options

    With fall coming soon, I wanted to get these reviews done. I made these shirts for my mother and my sister. But besides asking them for their reviews as to which one they like and why, I wanted to also give you my opinions.
    If you choose a sublimation print we would have to go with the 242 as it’s a high poly count shirt for sublimation - partly the reason why it is thinner.

MY REVIEW August 2021
242 overall - it’s thinner and a looser fit. The sleeves don’t have cuffs so it would be hard to slide them up during the day. The sleeves are also long enough to cover my hands in my normal size the large - for me I roll my sleeves not slide them up so it works fine for me. I could size down to a medium easily, however I don’t like my collars tight on my neck so I would probably stick to the large for that reason only.

291 - it’s a heavier shirt - probably great for the cold days. The sleeves have cuffs and they look like they would hold up well and not stretch out when sliding sleeves up. I was able to fit in the medium but the neck was very tight and I would not recommend sizing down in this one.
     My mom decided she prefers the 291. I have also had most customers choose to order the 291, however, some did not care either way which style was ordered for them. Here is my sister in hers, both are mediums, she had to tuck the 242 in because of the length. I will get her review when she gets time, she is a busy mom of 2 girls and just returned home this fall from deployment.