Differences in Transfer Types

Screen print - these are a plastisol ink that is preprinted on a transfer sheet and I can press onto any color of shirt. It can be put on cotton, polyester, or cotton poly blend. 

DTF Transfer - a transfer type made using textile inks which are applied to a clear transfer film. They can go on any color and fabric content like screen print transfers. They are very light weight with a soft feel,  comparable to full color soft feel screen prints. 

*The big plus side to DTF prints is the color vibrancy, because they are digitally printed in RGB color profiles, they keep the colors very true to the design. Color accuracy can be a problem for screen prints because of the limits of CMYK color mixing, so this is a big bonus for DTF prints.

Sublimation - These transfers can only be put on poly blends with a minimum of 50% poly (I generally use the 241 Tultex which has 65% polyester). Best on a white or light grey shirt as the ink dyes the polyester fibers. But can also be done on some other light colored shirts or darker colors if bleached. (Please see the more in depth explanation of Sublimation Transfers under the FAQ pages.) 

Vinyl - for these I use heat transfer vinyl and can do the designs in most colors as well as putting them on any color or fabric type shirts. A lot of times it is called HTV.

OKI Transfer - cross between vinyl and Screen print.Has negative space built in the print to make it more flexible - this is the tiny dots or lines in the print. - I do not use these very much since DTF transfers have become available since they offer the same ability to do full color custom designs but DTF do not need to have the negative space dots and lines. 

Sizes of prints 
- Adult prints are 10.5 - 12 inches on the longest side
- Youth prints are 8-9 inches on the longest side
- Toddler prints are 6-7 inches on the longest side
- Infant prints are 3-5 inches on the longest side

*Depending on shirt size smalls in a category may get the next size smaller print - for example an adult print on a small shirt would cover almost shoulder seam to shoulder seam so I would go with the youth print for an adult small